We’re planning for this year’s imputed distribution payments and want to make sure that customers receive their payments before Christmas. Here’s some important information about how you can help customers receive their payment sooner if they’d like.

Q. When will my customers receive their imputed distribution payment?

Where the customer has given us their bank details, we’re planning to make payments by credit transfer during the week commencing 21 December 2015. Payments by cheque may not be received until January 2016 due to Christmas postal services.

Q. How can my customer receive their payment sooner?

If your customer hasn’t already received a withdrawal this year from their ARF or Vested PRSA, they can set up an annual regular withdrawal in time for our regular December pay-run. Putting in place a withdrawal would mean they’re meeting their imputed distribution liability.  If we receive a request from your customer by 30 November 2015 with their bank details the payment will be made by 12 December 2015 approximately (regular withdrawals can only be made by credit transfer).

The frequency of this withdrawal can be changed in 2016 to suit your customer’s specific needs and meet 2016 Imputed Distribution requirements.
They can also request a partial encashment to meet their imputed distribution liability.

Important Dates

•    30 November 2015 – last date to send request for partial encashment or regular withdrawal for December payment
•    11 December – regular withdrawal or partial encashments paid by credit transfer this week
•    21 December 2015 – Imputed distribution payments paid by credit transfer this week
•    31 December 2015 – last date to send request for partial encashment or regular withdrawal for January payment

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