At this stage we are almost sick to death hearing headlines from Greece and now we have China to add to the mix, here is all you need to know in a few minutes;


  • An agreement has been reached between Greece and its creditors for €82 billion over 3 years.
  • Greece agreed to make changes in the following areas; Increased VAT / Reduce Pension expenditure / privatisation of state owned assets / Reform Economy & Judicial System
  • Restructuring of debt possible down the line but debt haircuts are ruled out
  • ECB will keep Greece afloat with emergency liquidity for the time being
  • Possible Greek general election to take place later on in the year.
  • Positive reaction to the deal across fellow european member states, reflected in equity markets.


  • Hard one to call whether what is taking place is a market correction or a cause for concern.
  • Chinese ‘A’ shares fell 36% since June however they still remain up 102% since mid 2014.
  • Trading climate changed when authorities attempted to reign in margin levels.
  • They did react immediately to try and stabilise trading conditions; Suspended planned IPO’s / Pledged liquidity to brokers / market stabilisation fund established.
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