As a financial advisor you have the privilege of meeting individuals of different ages the majority of whom are at different points in their lives.  While they all differ greatly one thing that I have found them to have in common is a long list of excuses as to why they don’t or haven’t got a pension plan in place. I thought that I would throw down some of the most common excuses that I have come across, starting with the younger generation;

  • ‘I barely have enough money to pay for my rent let alone save for a pension’
  • ‘My biggest priority at the moment is saving for a deposit to buy a house’
  • ‘I dont have a clue what a pension is or how I would even go about setting one up’
  • ‘Are pensions not something that old people need to worry about’
  • ‘My parents are always telling me to start early’
  • ‘I think I have one with work but don’t know really know how it works?’

If you think any of the answers above sound like something that you might say, well why not talk to Stability Financial today and we can tell you about all of the positives that starting pension contributions early in your life have.


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